Tamr Henna (Цветок хны)

l_88953d33Песня была написана Баликом Хамди для одноименного фильма в 1957г., где исполнялась 2 раза: первая (веселая часть) в начале фильма и вторая (грустная часть) в конце.
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In an earlier time of supervision, employee performance appraisals were always executed with a manager or the business’ manager. Regrettably, the more eliminated there is a reviewer from your precise morning-to-day action, the not as likely she’s to really have of what is happening in the ranks a true knowledge. The worker peer-review is an opportunity for members of a office team to review one another and provide helpful feedback on how they can all do a much more profitable and better job. Читать далее